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Communications strategy and planning

Do you feel like your current communication isn’t getting you the results you want?

Maybe you want to be more strategic but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you want to get organised and plan out all your communication activities for the year? I can help! 

Communications audit

I make sense of all your data so you get a clear picture of where you’re at and where the opportunities exist. I then provide a set of easy-to-action recommendations identifying the “quick wins” and longer term strategies to improve your communications.

Communications strategies and plans

I develop a comprehensive strategy and operational plan to set you up. These documents outline in detail how you will use a range of communication tactics to help reach your different audiences and achieve your organisational objectives. 


I do the writing so you don’t have to!

I specialise in pulling together complicated or dense information like research, data and policy and transforming it into a concise, easy-to-digest package. My services are perfect if you need to create health resources, write a report or present data in a meaningful way.

I also offer other writing services such as blog posts, website copy, newsletters and media releases.

Specialist content areas include: family violence, gender equity, health promotion, allied health, eye diseases, medical research, gambling harm and environmental issues. 

  • Heath resources
  • Reports 
  • Blog posts
  • Website copy
  • Media releases
  • Newsletters

Editing and proofing

Do you need a fresh set of eyes to make sure your communication is flawless? 

Structural editing

Reorganising content, cutting down words, assessing for gaps in information and logic.


Editing for clarity, consistency, spelling and grammar.


Ensuring changes have been made accurately, final checking of documents.

Social media

Do you need a helping hand to grow your visibility and engagement?

I can help you choose the right platforms for your audiences, refresh the look-and-feel of your accounts, provide recommendations to build your followers and provide sample posts and content ideas.

Previous work

  • ’40 years strong’ social media campaign
  • ‘Headspace for Melbourne’s north east’ campaign

Digital communications support

Do you need a communications all-rounder to help you out for a short period?

  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Campaigns
  • Event coordination