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Communications and content strategy 

Get clarity on where you’re at, where you’re going and how to get there 

Communications and content audit

I review your communications and take a deep dive into your data so you get a clear picture of where the content opportunities exist. I provide a set of easy-to-action recommendations outlining the quick wins and longer term strategies to improve how you connect and engage with your audiences.

Starting from $1000

Operational communications plan

A communications plan can help your campaign, major event or organisational communications run to schedule and reach your intended audiences. A communications plan typically outlines your target audiences, key messages, tactics, resources and timelines. But each plan can be tailored to your specific needs.

A communications plan can also include an editable content calendar to map out the year ahead.

Starting from $2000  

Communications and content strategy

It can be beneficial to engage external communications strategy and planning support if you:

  • are starting a new three or five-year strategic communications planning cycle
  • have recently rebranded
  • aren’t getting the results you want from your communications.

I can support your strategic planning by:

  • facilitating a team planning workshop with the help of one of my trusted partners
  • developing a communications or content strategy
  • helping you identify your strategic communication goals.

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Style guides

Every organisation has a unique way of communicating. It’s important for brand understanding and trust that whenever people interact with your organisation, they’re getting a consistent and cohesive experience. All your communications – whether it’s your website, social media or annual report – should look and sound like they belong together.

A style guide provides a comprehensive playbook for how to write on behalf of your organisation. It helps staff communicate your brand in a consistent way and also assists external suppliers like designers, writers and temps quickly grasp your style.

A style guide typically covers language and terminology preferences, writing guidance, and decisions around how to use punctuation, capitalisation, abbreviations and numbers. But it can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Starting from $3000

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