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Freelance editing and proofreading services

Peace of mind before you publish 

It’s incredibly difficult to edit our own work. We know what we’re trying to say so our brain substitutes missed words, fills in information gaps and skips over typos. 

Working with a professional editor or proofreader like me provides a fresh set of eyes to make sure your writing is clear, consistent and concise. But, more than that, as a qualified editor I’m trained to review a document in a methodical way to catch the errors other people miss.   

Freelance editing services

Structural editing

Reorganising content, cutting down words, assessing for gaps in information and logic. This type of editing transforms a piece of writing.

Hourly rate: $100 

Copy editing

Editing for clarity, consistency, spelling and grammar at the sentence level. This type of editing ensures that the copy aligns to an internal style guide (if available) and that it is unambiguous and accurate. It may also include fact checking information.

Hourly rate: $85


Proofreading ensuring that previous edits have been made accurately and that there are no spelling and grammar errors. This is the final check before a piece of writing is made public.

Hourly rate: $75