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Freelance copywriting and editing rates

Get ballpark costs upfront

When you’re deciding whether to work with me, I understand you may want a rough idea of the costs involved before you get in touch.

How I charge for freelance services

I offer high-quality freelance services tailored to each client I work with – and my costs reflect that. You won’t find a $50 blog post here! My rates align with the Australian freelance market, while offering affordability to purpose-led organisations. 

I normally quote a fixed cost for a job (a ‘project rate’). That way, you know exactly what outcomes you’re going to get, and exactly how much it’s going to cost. 

But for some freelance copywriting and editing jobs, an hourly rate is more appropriate. For example, proofreading, agency work, or where the deliverables are variable or hard to define upfront.

Rate card

While the cost of a copywriting or editing job varies according to project scope, complexity, timelines and the type of organisation, I do have baseline rates for my services.

Quotes and Proposals

The more information you can provide about your communications project, the more accurately I can quote.

Before I provide a quote, I may ask you for:

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, that’s ok too! 

We can jump on a call to get some further information and I can pull together a proposal with different options.

For larger projects, like websites, I will always supply a detailed proposal that outlines the deliverables and areas of responsibility.

Want to see examples of my freelance work?