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Health writing services

Evidence-based consumer health writing that educates, informs and promotes action

There’s a lot of inaccurate, misleading and confusing health content out there. I help peak bodies, not-for-profits and health services create easy-to-understand, evidence-based health information for patients, clients and people using ‘Dr Google’.

The way health information is communicated can have profound consequences. It can mean the difference between, for example, someone visiting an optometrist for an eye test that could ultimately save their sight – or not taking that action. It can help people feel informed and understood – or it can leave them feeling stigmatised and confused. Communicating in a way that is person-centred, inclusive and accurate is a responsibility I take seriously as a health writer.

I have a professional background in health promotion and I’m an accredited health writer. This means:

  • I have the knowledge and skills to simplify complex research and medical concepts for a consumer audience
  • I work collaboratively with subject matter experts to create health communications that are both medically accurate and easy-to-understand
  • I use credible research and evidence as the basis for my writing
  • I understand the compliance and regulatory environment related to health content.

My health writing and health communications services include:

  • website content
  • fact sheets
  • brochures
  • blogs
  • social media content.

 View my portfolio to see examples of my health writing.

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