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Communications strategy

Do you need communications strategy or planning support to help your organisation win the hearts and minds of your clients, supporters or stakeholders?

Website content

Do you need someone to write your website copy, provide advice on navigation, or help bridge the gap between you and your developer?


Do you need to write a report, blog, article, newsletter or other business communications but don’t have the time or expertise in-house? 

Health writing

Do you need someone who can turn complex health information into easy-to-read resources for the general public?


Do you need a fresh set of eyes to make sure your communication is flawless, or help to condense or organise your copy so it’s clear and concise?

Communications support

Do you need a remote communications all-rounder to help you out on a project or campaign, or step in to backfill communications staff?

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Elissa was an absolute delight to work with during a stressful time, handling a great deal of complexity with ease. She was full of ideas, always on the ball and never missed a deadline.

Amy Claire Thompson  / Graduate Student Association, Melbourne University

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Photo of Elissa Hill leaning on a table smiling
Photo of Elissa Hill leaning on a table smiling

My work is guided by my values – excellence, respect and being a force for good in the world. I strive to be inclusive and sustainable in the way I run my business and give back where I can. I’m excited about working with others who share this ethos.

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Elissa is a highly valuable communications consultant who brings enthusiasm, reliability, excellence, professionalism and strategic thoughtfulness to her work in print, online and digital platforms.

Shari Davies  / Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (now Safe and Equal)

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Elissa managed one of our major projects with exceptional outcomes and had a wide-ranging skill set from writing to editing, project management, stakeholder engagement, web development and social media management.

Emily Maguire / Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (now Safe and Equal)

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Elissa Hill communications
I’d love to hear more about your communications or content project and how we might work together. Fill out this short form and I’ll be in contact within one business day to organise a chat or obligation-free quote.