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Elissa joined my team on a short-term basis to help with a very challenging project. She handled a great deal of complexity with ease, and was an absolute delight to work with during a stressful time. She was full of ideas, always on the ball, never missed a deadline, and fit in to the wider team exceptionally well. I speak for the whole leadership team when I say she was nothing short of brilliant.

Amy Claire Thompson / Former Communications Manager at the Graduate Student Association, Melbourne University

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I worked with Elissa as the web designer/developer for ‘The Lookout’ redesign. Her understanding of the not-for-profit sector, as well as her well-rounded understanding of web design and development concepts, made working on this project a great experience for me.   

As a project manager, she is very effective. She’s clear and direct in her communication yet always respectful and diplomatic. All ideas and suggestions were approached with an open mind and a flexible hand. It was really inspiring to work with someone for whom the objective of delivering the best results for the project was the true driving force behind the decisions being made. 

Amanda Sims / Web designer and developer

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Elissa is a skilled communications professional with a flair for digial communications and social media. She takes initiative and works proactively to ensure the right messages are being received by the intended target audience using multiple channels. Elissa is respected and trusted by colleagues and has a keen eye for detail. I enjoyed working with Elissa and would recommmend her for communications and marketing projects, particularly in the not-for-profit and social change sectors.

Lisa Trent / Former Communications Manager at Northern Melbourne Medicare Local

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Elissa was a fantastic, collegiate and professional member of our team at DVRCV. She provided me with high quality media and comms support and advice, managed one of our major projects with exceptional outcomes and had a wide ranging skill set from writing to editing, project management, stakeholder engagement, web development, social media management and more. Elissa is an incredibly fast learner, and was able to slip into a family violence specialist organisation with ease and pick up highly nuanced content quickly. 

Emily Maguire / CEO of Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

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Elissa is a highly valuable communications consultant who brings enthusiasm, reliability, excellence, professionalism and strategic thoughtfulness to her work in print, online and digital platforms. As well as being a technically strong communications specialist, Elissa has rare interpersonal skills; she is unfailingly easy to work with, even when under pressure or working within difficult circumstances. You want her on your project because she will succeed and the way she operates enables others to succeed too.

Shari Davies / Communications design

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I have had the opportunity to hire Elissa in two different organisations. It is always a pleasure working with her as she is very dedicated to her work, works effectively independently and as part of a team and contributes to a positive work environment. Elissa endeavours to perform her work at a high standard, provides suggestions for improvement and actively solves problems if they arise. 

Maureen Rowlands / Former Health Promotion Manager at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon

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Elissa was part of a large-scale review of Prostate Cancer Canada’s health education material, which resulted in creating foundation pieces for our new portfolio of resources. Elissa was persistent, creative and dedicated to working through the assignment. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Katherine Patterson / Former Health Promotion Specialist at Prostate Cancer Canada